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Originally Posted by Spectacular_Insanity View Post
I've been grinding the past 2 days straight and I finally got my Tier 5 German tank - the Pz. III/IV. Fully upgraded, it's quite good... at least against fellow T5 tanks. Against T6/T7 heavies, I can't do jack. I can sometimes run away, but 90% of the time I can't even do damage... assuming my shots don't ricochet, all I get is "penetration" (IMO, if your shot penetrates, it should do damage... none of this 0 damage penetration crap). Which typically doesn't help me when they kill me in one hit. It basically forces me to camp and rely on flanking ambushes, and I hate that.
Looks like you have the answer to your problem. Okay, it's just one of the answers.

Most maps have designated areas where different classes of vehicles usually go to. For example, in Ruinberg, heavies usually brawl in the city in the west while mediums, lights and tank destroyers take the field and town in the east. Of course, this is just a generalization. You will have tank destroyers in the city and heavies in the field. Nobody forces you to follow the rest, but sometimes you can be chewed out for making stupid moves and costing the team as a result. Basically, my point is that you don't always have to engage heavies as much as you do other types of tanks.

And flanking can be fun as hell if you pull it off successfully. Even an IS or T29 (tier 7 heavies) will be penned, for damage, by your Panzer IV or M4 Sherman (tier 5 mediums) from the sides or back. It won't blast away half their HP, but the seemingly anemic damage could be crucial for your allies to take out the enemy in time. It can even distract the enemy enough for them to turn towards you, and you can just bolt away with your superior speed while your allies take the enemy down.

Originally Posted by Spectacular_Insanity View Post
Makes me want to rage-upgrade to a heavy tank rather than sticking to my original plan of getting a Panzer when I hit T7. I'll get my Tiger tank one day... then they'll be sorry.
Hahahahaha no.

Heavy tanks have better armor and superior firepower in general. Yes, this makes them the definite winners in one-on-one static engagements with mediums or lights. Note how I said "static", by which I mean "not moving".

Heavy tanks have terrible camouflage, lower maneuverability, lower speed, and bigger profiles. It was a learning process for me when I started with heavies, played them like mediums or lights, and got spotted and killed easily at the start of the battle because of my low camo. The low speed makes you more prone to being hit by artillery, who will be after your butt anyway because you have a bigger gun and a larger HP pool. The large profile makes it harder to hide behind corners, rocks, or hills, which can be paramount to survival.

Sorry, but you can't just become king of the battlefield in a heavy tank. They have their own separate style of play which you'll have to learn and get good at.
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