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Originally Posted by ellifeedn View Post
I think we now know who it was that Doflamingo was talking to before the time skip.
Your insinuation of Vergo being that guy Doflamingo was talking to about Moria's assassination doesn't quite add up for the following reasons:

1) Moria asked Dofla if it was Sengoku that gave him the order to have him killed, to which Dofla replied that it was someone even higher up. Vergo was/is a VA, whereas Sengoku was the FA; therefore, Vergo can't be that guy because Sengoku was his superior in rank/authority.

2) That wasn't even a marine Dofla was talking to; it was a WG official.

3) Why would Dofla take an order from his subordinate (Vergo)?

4) Why would Vergo want Moria dead? What would he gain from that?

5) Judging by their relationship, Dofla and Vergo would have a high respect for each other. The way that particular conversation went down about Moria's assassination didn't exactly exemplify that. Dofla even went so far as to threaten that guy about quitting the shichibukai. That doesn't sound like something he'd say to his most trusted subordinate Vergo.
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