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Originally Posted by Raviel View Post
That........that's actually a good question, where is Jean?

I think the last we saw of him was before Eren and everyone else left to go around Wall Rose but I'm not really sure.
IIRC Jean was chosen to impersonate Eren during the secret mission to secure Annie.

We then see him the last time (as far as I could find) together with Mikasa, Eren and Armin. They talk about how the walls are filled with titans.

But I don't get why Jean wasn't sent with the rest of the 104th squad. There could be others that could have worked as replacements. I can understand that they don't have reasons to suspect Mikasa and Armin since they are clearly aligned with Eren, plus Armin is actively trying to to catch Annie.

But what is the reason for trusting Jean? Anyone who wanted to be sent to the military police and that was among the first 10 should be at the top of everyone's suspicions.

And now Jean for a non well specified reason was left behind while Mikasa, Eren and Armin were dispatched to fix the wall.

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