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Originally Posted by Ihaxlikenoob View Post
Seriously though, the issue of what happened to her needs resolution.

Here's to hoping.
The question is what kind of resolution can they give her. She could be randomly be released from whatever captivity Academy City placed her in, but with the sister's saved, Shinobu has no reason to fight anymore, unlike Kiyama who still had helping the child errors as her goal.
Are the girls going to find Shinobu and bust her out? Ignoring the fact that Mikoto kept the Level 6 Shift project struggle secret, and the fact that they would be performing criminal actions, the only resolution that would await Shinobu would be a life of being a fugitive. Academy City would lets someone who knows as much as she does about their Technology wander free outside Academy City, and inside Academy City they would just confine her again.
I just don't see anything added to Shinobu fate that would change anything or provide any resolution beyond the fact that she lost all freedom.
This is assuming she is still alive.
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