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Originally Posted by iamandragon View Post
Her acts of violence a of the 'warm' type of violence. She's beating up Sunohara because she cares for Botan, not that she is angry of Sunohara. (not like she doesn't dislike him anyways) The last kick of hers is of normal reaction. Her acts of trying to strangle Tomoya is because she cares for her reputation(a normal reaction). Now, bring in more examples of Kyou being tsun?
I still don't understand how that isn't a kind of "tsun" for you. She can be "tsun" to anyone and "dere" to anyone. Just because that action is realistic and normal does not mean it's not "tsun".

I'm keeping the game and anime seperate, for the benefit of the people who haven't played the game.
Fair enough. But do you think the writers of the anime wouldn't take game Kyou's personality into consideration? Anime Kyou has the same personality as the game Kyou and is basically the same character.

Or are you suggesting Kyo-Ani's Kyou is a brand new character altogether? Why would they do such a thing when they aim to be as faithful to the original as possible, as they have done with past Key games?
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