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Just a few questions regarding the tsundere :

1.) Where would we draw the line between acting 'being friendly in a boyish way' and 'tsun'?

2.) Suppose Kyou was a guy (refrains from using a 'bi' joke), would we still use tsundere to refer to her personality? (compared to... say Kyon in SHnY, which I've heard people referring to him as such)
1) Tsuntsun is a multi-term that can be use to describe personality. Don't really know if that's the same as being friendly in a boyish way. But for what I know, it's not describe like that.

2a) Tsundere is a Japanese word describes a girl with a bad attitude (tsuntsun) but gradually develops into a shy. loving, adorable, etc. etc. person (deredere), not eliminating her tsun personality though (traditional definition). See Shana, Sawatari Makoto, Suiseiki, Tohsaka Rin, Akane Tendo, Nadia (Fushigi no Umi no Nadia), etc. It's about character development

2b) Tsundere is a Japanese word that describes a girl with a personality of being a tsuntsun and a deredere above most of her personality (modern definition). See Kagami, Anya, Asuna Kagurazaka, Asuka, Ayu (or was it Mayu from Rumbling Hearts?) etc. etc. It's about the personality as a whole

2c) Kyon is tsun because he's almost always in bad mood due to Haruhi but he's not supposed to be called a tsundere because that would make him look like a gay XD) Imagine him, blushing trying to talk his way out.

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