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Originally Posted by Ascaloth View Post
I personally don't know about Kyou, but I theorize that iamandragon herself IS a tsundere. Of course, so far all we've seen is the tsun-tsun side of her, but maybe there's a dere-dere side to her that we haven't seen yet. (J/K)
Maybe it is already here deredere? (j/k... except if she is a kyou MKII XD)
Joking aside, it's almost the same case with Kyou. Maybe what we see is the tsun side of her, maybe it's not, but we still can't say whether she is a tsundere for certain until when (of if) she shows a more obvious dere-dere side of her.
Exactly, that is probably the core issue, as it is remotely not possible to figure it as nothing much happened, and since the show will probably shaft Kyou and Tomoyo routes, we might not see completely how she is.
However, if her attitude is constant, and she doesn't show a true deredere, that completely proves she is not.
As far as we can see, since the debate still goes on... we gotta need a bulletproof detail which will either confirm she is or not
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