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Originally Posted by grunty View Post
While time will only tell, I REALLY do not think you are right. A) it wouldn't make sense, B) they REALLY don't look like same people to me.

Edit: I hope the pic isn't too big...
Well I wasn't talking about the big picture of yours. I'm talking about the other picture with 2 girls in front and 2 girls in the back.

Anyway, the way I see it, 2 of the singers are in the light while 2 singers are in the dark. If you see the official site, the girl in white and the girl in frilly black are revealed while the girl in red and the 2nd girl in black are completed shaded. (See below)

So after some scrutiny the picture below does show all 4 singers.

The brighter picture on the left shows the girl in white and the 1st girl in black in the background.
The darker picture on the right shows the 2nd girl in black and the girl in red in the background.
It's just some marketing ploy to project an aura of mystery around Kalafina but I do believe now that they have revealed all 4 singers.

Anyway, to answer Onizuka's question... yes it's obvious the movie is following the novel...
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