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Originally Posted by Malkuth View Post
Hitagi up until now was just running away from her past and having Koyomi as her boyfriend does not exactly help her in this respect. I am pretty sure this is the first time she tried to confront her own weaknesses, even though she was blaming them on Kaiki... several times in this arc she admitted that its not Kaiki that she is facing but herself in him.

As for Koyomi being an uninteresting harem lead... well you know its one of the main functions of harem leads, being uninteresting, since it is the only way to focus a show on the harem, not its leader... that said, Koyomi is one of the most interesting character, his main flaw (enjoyment-wise) for me is his suicidal Jesus-syndrome, which quite frankly is pointless and only serves as an excuse to animate/describe gore in the series.
I'm not saying that what you said isnít true, but I fail to see any hint of her admitting things like that.
I never said that Koyomi is an uninteresting harem lead. Actually, itís just as you said, I find him to be one of the most interesting male protagonists I've ever seen. I just prefer Oshino more in terms of a character because he is the odd one out if he happens to get his own harem. For one thing, unlike Koyomi, he is no high school student, and doesn't live an ordinary life. Why he keeps on traveling endlessly and saving people from oddities? Does he even have any goal in life? Not much is known about him which gives him an air of mystery. He guides people so they can save themselves, but in the end of the day Koyomi gets all the girls. Oshino deserves a taste of heavens and hells of having an unwanted harem, abet a more mature set of females than Koyomi harem, around twenty something. Nonetheless, he could've made a more unique harem lead than Koyomi IMO.
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