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I like Oshino too, and its a shame he left after Kizu/Bake; but the thing is that he served his purpose as Koyomi's mentor, and its time for Koyomi and his harem to move on. Also the way he was presented he wouldn't make an interesting couple with anyone, except Shinobu, and that would distract even more some viewers than the current ecchi/morality levels

For Hitagi, she is not admitting anything, just realizing when reflecting upon her former self, when facing Kaiki, how and why she was thinking the way she was then and now. My understanding is that she came to realize that relying on the crab was a mistake, and now that she can compare Koyomi to Kaiki, that her fear of sex, is not only unfair but limiting her more than her lover.

In any case, that's my understanding of her character development (she pretty much behaved like Kaiki was in town for her, and tried to hide it from Koyomi, didn't care about his sister, and even got agitated when Kaiki played around with her countless insecurities). Generally, it's not like the characters in the Monogatari series are flat like other shows, they are presented more realistically and progressively, so it's not easy to attribute behaviours clearly.
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