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Originally Posted by Reckoner View Post
Average conclusion, average arc, average season.

Nisemonogatari is just much too slow compared to Bake. The format of short mini arcs in Bake actually worked much more to its benefit than the elongated one we just saw in Nise.

Bantering and heavy dialogue comes with the territory in this show, and hey I enjoy it too, but there really is a point where you have to say "get on with the show." The plot and character development has to come out faster than this.

Part of the problem is that towards the end of Bake the cast was already getting a bit inflated and Nise decides they want to keep even more characters in picture now (Shinobu and Araragi's sisters). It's spreading its character development much too thin around the board now with too many people to give attention to. HOPEFULLY they don't even add more characters into the mix here.

Besides visuals, I feel that Nisemonogatari is worst in all aspects compared to Bake. Nothing much they can do to change my opinion by the end of this season, it's just disappointing. At least I hear that "supposedly" nise is considered the worst. Hopefully it does not continue to devolve in future seasons.
I like it all the same.


In my opinion *mongatari has always been about the character dynamics rather than character development or exploration, so the more characters the better I say.
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