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Originally Posted by Proto View Post
I like it all the same.


In my opinion *mongatari has always been about the character dynamics rather than character development or exploration, so the more characters the better I say.
I disagree to some extent. There is very limited interaction between most of the characters on camera (i.e. perceived by Koyomi), most of the time is spent between him and another member of the cast. Also Hitagi changed a lot (considering her character type), and that leaves aside Tsubasa, Mayoi, and Suruga who are the more volatile members of the cast. It is true for the middle schoolers (given their age, and limited appearances) and Shinobu for very different reasons.

Originally Posted by GenjiChan View Post
The last scene is disturbing...they're aren't little sisters anymore right... oh those skin.. damned
Which one? The sisters sleeping together? I hope you are not disturbed by a family being together, like those devouring my old signature

EDIT: After reading 3xR's post, needless to say I agree in everything except the length of the scenes (many felt compressed to me), and the overall ranking, for me its more like this:
  1. Koyomi Vamp (a little unfair since it is double to triple than the rest)
  2. Tsubasa Cat (most complicated character interactions)
  3. Mayoi Snail (the most tragic story)
  4. Karen Bee
  5. Suruga Monkey (character dynamics and intestine slingshots)
  6. Hitagi Crab (OK story, interesting character, but too simple)
  7. Nadeko Snake (nothing really interesting, except Nadeko being too cute)
That said, Hitagi Crab is better than 90% of the anime I have watched since 2004... IMsubjectiveO

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