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Originally Posted by Shikijin View Post
I disagree. Many manga start with small arcs then after a while they switch to bigger arcs. This is the same. It was time for Bakemonogatari to switch to longer arcs.
Bigger arcs are fine, so long as they actually use the time effectively. What I am saying is that this arc did not use its time effectively, which makes me think that a longer arc was in the end unnecessary.

Originally Posted by Shikijin View Post
Then again, talking about it in terms of manga may not be fitting. For whatever the reason, the novels started having over 300 pages each. You have to just get used to it, this is the rhythm of a LN adaptation (a decently written LN, at least). It is the same for Mouretsu Pirates for example. Truth to be told, I used to watch old anime, so I fail to see this kind of rhythm as slow. I think movies should provide better adaptation than TV series though.
Some LN adaptions hide this weakness better than others. Moretsu Pirates is in fact one that is quite poor at hiding it. I don't compare these to longer TV series since they're really different beasts. In any case, something like LoGH packed in much more detail and meaningful character itneraction. But I'm not here to make comparisons to other series. From my point of view Bake was much more succinct, and to the point, which could only benefit this kind of series. If they kept that in tact switching over to longer arcs I wouldn't mind.

Originally Posted by Shikijin View Post
Shinobu and Araragi's sisters were already in the picture from the start. And Bakemonogatari as a story had a point of introducing a character with a story dedicated to her in each new arc. Then again, the series wasn't supposed to last long, so this principle worked fine. Don't watch Nisemonogatari thinking there are sequels, imagine this is the last you'll see of the series. This is how it was written at the time. Tsukihi Phoenix was once announced as the last book.

And I think the story about spreading chara development too thin is misguided. There is a limit to the chara development a chara can receive. Once a character has fully developed, it must be cut.
Whether they were or not doesn't matter. It's not like a series is forced to give every single person who appears on screen lots of character development. The thing is unlike previous stories in Monogatari, Nise really is juggling so many characters that it's a struggle for each one to earn any screen time of significance. I personally found Karen's development in Nise poor considering she hardly got much time on screen, and it was spread thin over 7 episodes compared to the much more neatly packed development of Bake.

Whether or not Nisio Osin was thinking this might be the last novel for Monogatari is irrelevant to me. It doesn't change the fact that what I'm seeing here is less enjoyable to me.

There's also the idea that all good things must come to an end. Forever extending a franchise with countless introductions of characters, leaving behind the old cast to rot and decay, is bad storytelling. I don't think Monogatari is at this point btw, just a general statement.

Originally Posted by Shikijin View Post
That's just an opinion.

If we deduct your personal view on the length of the arc, Karen Bee has objective merits. 1) a valid human antagonist 2) non linear storytelling 3) juggles all the characters in the series (which for me is a merit)

I repeat, I personally rank Nise better than Bake.
What else would it be ?

In any case I never said Nise was worthless, just not as good as Bake from my POV.
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