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Originally Posted by Trajan View Post
A decent episode ruined by an epic fail with respect to the "contract." Kiritsugu pledges not to harm Archibald and his fiancee, or intend them to come to harm, if Lancer is ordered to commit suicide. Immediately thereafter, Maya snipes them both.

Sorry, but since Kiritsugu knew of this in advance (if he didn't plan it himself) and allowed Maya to act after the contract was in effect, Kiritsugu at the very least intended harm to befall Archibald and his fiancee. Once the contract was in effect, Kiritsugu had an affirmative duty to protect them from any harm that he knew was going to occur, and he didn't.

Contract clearly violated, so what's going to happen to Kiritsugu now?
put on his awesome Rules Lawyer hat

1. The order was given before the contract went into effect.
2. Any intend was again was before the contract went into effect.
3. contract did not require Kiritsugu to protect or warn Archibald

Therefore contract was not violated

Case dismiss.
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