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Another great episode.

Originally Posted by xKeir View Post
I was waiting for this episode since reading the Light Novel ...

Honestly, all Lancers in the Holy Grail War gets trolled.

And that is why i love Emiya Kiritsugu.

I loved the ending when Saber changed her tone and felt this .. however meager connection with Kiritsugu when she said of how his words depict one who had hoped for true justice once. Or maybe i'm thinking too much into that one sentence.
No. I liked that aspect of the scene as well, and it wasn’t just communicated verbally, either. There was definitely a part of it, when Saber loosened her grip and dematerialized her sword, in which her hatred towards Kiritsugu turned to a meager amount of pity. I also felt that the symbolism with the spinning wheel was a nice touch.
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