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is this so?
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Cooler Master T20 installation

hi, yesterday I was able to upgrade the stock Intel cooler to a Cooler Master T20. And it did successfully reduce temps... with the stock cooler it's 50-60 degrees on idle, with the T20.. it's just on the 40's.

however, I could not position the T20 with it's back directly to the exhaust fan, because the lock of the T20 is obstructed by the PSU. So I had to put it like this.

worried, because the back of the T20 is now turned towards the fan of the PSU.

also worried that a wire of the PSU is in contact with the top of the heat sink.. the wire in contact with the heat sink might melt from the heat?

planning to switch the direction of the T20, so that it's back will be into the other direction.. I mean it's back will be facing to the side where the GPU is, instead of the side where the PSU is. Would this be correct?
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