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Comparing those shows to Gundam is unfair because the three shows you named were all aimed for an older audience and they were of a different genre.

That being said, I think they can do better with this episode too. But I am not complaining too much because what happened in this episode was about what I expected from this show and it's definately better than the worst case scenario I envisioned in my mind.

Some people called Marina's meeting with Setsuna cliche. But in my opinion, realistically, there are only two ways for Marina and Setsuna to meet in a Gundam show given their personality. 1) Setsuna accidentally saves Marina 2) Marina butts into Setsuna's life uninvited.

Either way, I can see people calling the meeting cliche.

If I must choose between the two I think I rather have scenario 2 since I can't really see Setsuna saving anyone other than himself unless he was told. Had Setsuna saved Marina I would have thought he was acting a bit off character.

To me, having Marina saving Setsuna instead is already a plus.

It could have been much worse. I think.
I liked that Marina saved Setsuna like you stated, but I would've liked her meeting with Setsuna to have lasted the whole episode. Not this skip to Sergei, then to the 2 minute CB intervention garbage they're doing. The show needs more focus for it to have an impact. The meetings are short, the battles are short, the speeches are short, the commentary is short. It's like the show can't decide whether it wants to mecha centered, character centereed, or politically centered. At the moment it seems the show is trying to too much at once and it makes the individual episodes feel flat and meaningless. It's like Gundam for the ADD generation.
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