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Uh oh. We're gonna invite Celestial Being into "eliminating our squabbles."

Anyways, it's not a bad episode. I agree that the episode could have been an hour long instead of all that crammed into 30 minutes.

Oh well, at least Felt was cute and funny, having an attachment to Haro of some sort and splashing water back with one hand, not really looking like she's into it. The Marina and Setsuna meeting may have been cliche, but there's a lot of things that don't feel cliche anymore. It didn't surprise me that Setsuna would give Marina a hard time. Even without the fact that her country did something terrible to his country, I could tell with his personality that he'd do what he did. For whatever reason he flew extremely close to Marina's jet, I found it entertaining. Maybe he's proving to her that he wasn't lying, but not doing very well in doing so? If he had the Gundam look directly at her, then that would have been a bigger clue to her.
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