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simply... its bad, it poisons you and those around you.

depending how much you do it, it can cost extreme amounts of money.

I myself plan to NEVER smoke/drink(Maybe drink as a weekend thing or something, but i dont even want to do that) so that i can achualy have money and good health.

I think its pretty bad that even though i don't smoke i still have to inhale it and get some of the poison just because other people smoke near me.

I have had a cig twice, once when i was like 9 someone gave me theirs to try it, i hated it it was like putting dirt in your mouth.

The other time was recently, i decided that hey other people seem to like it, it might be something that is quite nice... i put it in my mouth for about 3 seconds before dropping it coughing thinking why the hell did i even think about doing that.
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