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Originally Posted by 9taileddemon View Post
I disagree with the first point. I actually do think they are the head of the TSAB. The reason they have to be secretive with their meetings with Regius is because they are breaking their own laws.

The sound only screen also is easy to understand. Who really wants to be looking at brains if they don't have to. Also it is doubtful the High Council really wanted anybody to know that they were just brains.

For the secrecy part about the whole sound only thing and only the assistant knowing where they are, it kind of reminds me of Black Cat with the Chronos Elders. They were the head of the organization. Everyone knew they were the head of the organization. Only like two people knew where they were so that they could avoid being assassinated. Same thing with the TSAB High Council (First of all I doubt they would be called that if it was supposed to be a secret group.) Since they are the leaders and are only brains at this point, they are probably freaked out about being attacked while they are defenseless. So they make it so nobody knows their location. Didn't really work in the end but it was a good try.

I do know about the council that showed up for the big meeting, but I don't think there being a HIGH Council is to hard to imagine.

Also, if they really were a secret group that only manipulates Regius, then why would Jail even use the time to kill them? He planned on killing Regius himself anyways and that would leave them with no connections.

I already do understand what their purpose is. I understood after just watching the show. My only thing is that I think it wasted time and could have been done in some other way. Seven Arcs probably could have just shown seens of Regius talking to Jail and removed the whole High Council.
I think there was only one real reason they existed and that was to demonstrate again how Due can change her apperance and is good at espionage. However she dies like two episodes later so why should we really care.
So, the brains truly are the heads of the TSAB

They wanted to create an army of artificial mages (like the Clone Wars) and they used a motherf$%&@" clone (Jail) to make the research

The brains remained in clandestinity to make sure noone suspect of their illegal contacts, Jail send Duo to take out the brains when the time has come so they coulkd do nothing to stop his.... hummm... Research? Reserach for what?!

Crap! StrikerS plot is more complicated that The Davinci-code!

Originally Posted by Comartemis View Post
Well when you come up with conclusive evidence to support this claim and disprove the Brains/SEELE comparison, come back and let us know.
We should do something about that agresive actitude of yours
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