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That really sounds like the plot to a Kung fu movie. Where one student betrays the teacher and kills him and the other student goes out for revenge. There's more to being a teacher than just the magic aspect. Maybe she taught some people martial arts? Wow I'm totally looking at her different now! Maybe it's not martial arts, but what exactly is she teaching and why?
About that. Virgilia's magic, when described in the battle between Virgilia and Beatrice, heavily relies on Norse mythology, and pretty much anything that Virgilia summons is a Norse myth except the Tower of Babel, as I have mentioned previously. I thought that Beatrice's magic was of a completely unclear provenance until I stumbled on this when looking up chess stuff for unrelated reasons:

Caïssa originated in a 658-line poem called "Scacchia, Ludus" published in 1527 by Hieronymus Vida (Marco Girolamo Vida), which describes in Latin Virgilian hexameters a chess game between Apollo and Mercury in the presence of the other gods. In it, to avoid unclassical references, the rooks are described as towers (armored howdahs) on elephants' backs, and the bishops as archers...
Basically, the imagery Beatrice uses does not just have a vaguely Greek feel to it but literally seems to originate in this poem, a medieval faux-classical piece about chess that created the goddess of chess Caissa, previously nonexistent.
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