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Originally Posted by NomadRhodes View Post
maybe its the hat. that hat is uber hot..
but I'd still take Desu any day..

thats could, damn near, be the coolest thing i've ever seen......
Yes...It must be the hat! xD

Hmm,desu is popular,she really brings lots of humor in the series. xD; My fave characters are desu,Suigintou and Kirakishou. Boku is okay. Kashira gets on my nerves at some point and unyuu-nano gets even more on my nerves. xD;

Problem with desu is...When someone at school has seen desu...And start adding desu after every sentence...That will be annoying desu...Funny part is: they all fail at the "desu". xD; It doesn't even sound like desu. And I just get annoyed at the fact they fail at desu. And having desu sounds ALL day WILL start to get annoying at some point if you hear it enough in the anime world. xD;
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