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Originally Posted by Halfdemon View Post
I ESPECIALLY like the bolded part! XD

Anyway.... it's June now. The new chapter still no where in sight in MangaFox!

On topic (seems like everyone else are talking things that are not related.... DON'T HIT ME, PLEASE! And FYI, I think my posts had started to be like a paragraph of a novel :/):

Spoiler for nice pic of Suigintou:


I seems to dump Suigintou pics over here.... oh well.

Except for this.... I mean, what the hell?

Seriously, how did they able to do that? Wait.... I might guess.... But I'd wait for answers from you guys
If they could get some kids to take those photos in the doll costume, that would be best. Don't you guys think?

Enjoy my little dump of Suigintou pics

Uploaded a new avatar I "stole" from a site :P
lols have a good laugh at it xD

New update from the poll: Seems like Suigintou finally gets her usual first place lol. But Boku is only a step behind her. And Desu is a bit far behind :/ She's third btw.

Result of first 3 places:
Suigintou - 16 votes
Souseiseki - 15 votes (NOOOOO!!!)
Suiseiseki - 9 votes

How amazing is this lol....
Hey, you know! It's not very good when a lot of girls liked you ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE A GIRL TOO DDX

and that picture is some kind of creepy but beautiful too (I've never seen great Kana cosplay and her hair is.... too green I think)
Where is that poll, I'm gonna add some more vote for my Boku

and about Mangafox, I think the translators may like to keep the chapters and post them in the same time but Shugo's one update every month (so it's gonna be at least an update per month XDD)

and for Zombie-loan... I think they have forgot it already...

EDIT : After I wrote that line above about ZL, I went to check at the Mangafox and there are UPDATES!!! NEW CHAPTERS XDDDDDDDDD
Incredible. What I've said is always come true!! hehehe
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