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Originally Posted by TANwwa View Post
Hey, you know! It's not very good when a lot of girls liked you ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE A GIRL TOO DDX

and that picture is some kind of creepy but beautiful too (I've never seen great Kana cosplay and her hair is.... too green I think)
Where is that poll, I'm gonna add some more vote for my Boku

and about Mangafox, I think the translators may like to keep the chapters and post them in the same time but Shugo's one update every month (so it's gonna be at least an update per month XDD)

and for Zombie-loan... I think they have forgot it already...

EDIT : After I wrote that line above about ZL, I went to check at the Mangafox and there are UPDATES!!! NEW CHAPTERS XDDDDDDDDD
Incredible. What I've said is always come true!! hehehe
Lol,you're magical! xD

RM is also once a month normally. But yeah,keeping up multiple manga at the same time is kinda hard if you ask me...O.o; That reminds me...I still need to finish the Shugo Chara manga...Oops...xD;

Yeah,that Kana's hair was a bit too green indeed...But still,she looks great.

where's that poll? I wanna help Suigintou to keep her spot! xD
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