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Originally Posted by Halfdemon View Post
TANwwa: LOL U LOL. That's like having a bunch of lesbians chasing you! *ROFMFAO* XDDD

The poll? I'm not gonna show ya :P
I'm going to just silently.... waits.
After I took a look at those anime cars, I wonder how am I going to design my own car.



And this......? Made out of paper?

Oh my God.... want...

I like this Suigintou pic..... REALLY made her stand out. I mean, how... uh... dunno how to say it.

This figure of Shinku is just way too epic.
And finally, an official art of Shinku holding Kun Kun.

I'm done fer now.
Well, I think I will quit about this lesbian things hahaha.

The dolls are cute but it look strange. I've seen some at SakuraColour and it was very awesome (especially the Kira one) It is something like handmade?? cuz it is made very well.

And I have a Shugo Chara keychain!!!! It is very pretty but I'm not dare carrying it with me cuz I'm afraid that I may lose it. and I saw Suigintou clock once but I didn't buy it (because of the price, so expensive. I have no money since I spend it on so many concerts and CDs)

Oh and
Spoiler for FIFA (out of topic):

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