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This is just my own opinion, but I don't think this is a moderation/administration problem. The artists who do work on avatars/signatures are volunteering their time, so it's basically up to them to decide if the person making the request is "worthy" or not. If you want to try to establish certain common expectations, perhaps the artists could form a sort of "Guild" and agree amongst themselves what the requirements should be. There are certain common sense point-of-order rules (like not making too many requests at once, waiting some time between requests, etc.) that are more to prevent obvious abuse of the system, but beyond that I don't think the staff should decide whether an artist should do volunteer work or not. If you have evidence that someone is requesting signatures for use elsewhere, I suppose you could report it, but once the person gets what they're after they'll probably leave anyway (so banning them won't help much).

Anyway, like I said, that's just my own personal opinion; not sure what the other staff will think.
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