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Well, I didn't mean that people won't be allowed to save images from this forum at all.. It's obvious people might come across nice signature, save it and use it elsewhere.. I just find it annoying you get requested something specific, you work on it for quite some time and then you never even get to see it used.
Wasn't suggesting it be implemented either. Just putting it forth since I hate it when eventually someone comes and says it's impossible... when it clearly is only in the realm of "lots of work" and the discussion should just keep to "merits vs disadvantages".
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Also I agree with you Larthak .. Although I don't do signatures and it doesn't happen so often for avatars, people switching their av/sigs like once per day and thus requesting daily something new is just annoying.
Rules work on the principle of "give & take". Supposedly they give more so then they take (most of the time). It would be fairly easy to implement a "minimum time before re-upload" into the current avatar system, would the freedom it takes away be worth it? (personally I don't think so) On this other site they have this caching issue (or at least that is what it appears to be), thus any image you upload won't take effect for around 24h (at worst). Even though it's just one messily day, people aren't very happy about it.
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If moderators don't see this as a problem then I guess nothing can be done but then why do we have a rule '' Do not request Sig/avatars for use at elsewhere '' in the very first post of these threads ?
I am pretty sure that is a request, not a rule. Obviously moderators here, no matter how bold, have no power outside this domain. This particular instance of the issue is actually fairly tamed as well. There have been issues where people would steal avatars, use them, and/or claim to have made them on other sites. I've also witnessed cases of the inverse happening: fairly well known posters here accused of stealing from fairly well known sites. I know for a fact, moderators/administrators were very aware of both... and have since hopefully resolved the issue (or, at least they did a good job in preventing pandemonium).
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