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Originally Posted by Dist View Post
^I thought about this too and it was actually me ( I think ) who mentioned this in the Signature thread. I just wasn't sure if they can implement something like this and thought perhaps the Whitelist thing would be easier to do ..

If it is possible though, would be nice to see it happen.
I just checked back, JuJuBeez was the first to mention it (kind of).

Just edit the rule into the first post, adding a bit about requests and spam threads not counting. As for the rest, you just have to look at their profile, that'll tell you how many posts they have, and there's usually a link that lets you see where and what they've posted.

It should go something like this.
Member A: Posts request.
Member B: Checks profile, notices they have less than __ posts, tells Member A they can't request until they have __ posts.
Member A: Leaves forum for good, or posts __ times. Requests again.
Member B: Checks profile again, checks posts, notices Member A has only posted in spam threads. Tells Member A to GTFO.

Maybe not exactly like that, but you get what I mean (hopefully). The only problem is request TAKERS ignoring the rule, in which case you just remind them of it like you would requesters.
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