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I thought I'd move the discussion here:
From the Sig Request Thread:

Originally Posted by Mr. Wang View Post
GuardianZax has been here since February, asking for signatures for use on forums other than animesuki for a month shy of a year now... And people have been doing them anyway, so I get the impression he/she thinks it's still okay to keep requesting like Guardian has been for the last eleven months.

Whether GuardianZax is to blame for repeatedly requesting for sigs against the forum rules, or for we the sig-makers who work on it anyway despite that a quick look at his/her profile reveals that he/she isn't using Animesuki other than for its forum artists for eleven months is up to people to decide. I find Guardian to be sort of a resident requester anyway, though due to the nature of the requests, it still does irk me slightly. So, it's still largely up to us whether we continue helping him/her out or not.
Personally, I don't have anything against people requesting sigs for use on another forum - after all, it is up to the sig makers whether they choose to fulfill a request or not. Although I can understand the let down of not seeing your hardwork displayed where you want/intend for it to be displayed (happened to me too many times lately). Therefore, my response is not to blame GuardianZax for anything (but more to remind him/her of the sig size rule, more than anything else). Even if they request it for use on another forum, I do think all other parameters (size and filesize) should still be followed. It would be nice if they straight out say that this is for use on another forum. I wonder if creating another thread for requests that are to be used outside of AS would help? But what concerns me in that case is the overburden on AS with accounts that stay idle without use except for requests once-in-a-while. I'm not knowledgeable in forum IT, so I'm not sure if forums do become overburdened with accounts.

As for post count limit, as was mentioned earlier here, the problem is that would just instigate a lot of unwanted spam. I've seen that happen in many other forums that have the post count rules. I agree with relentlessflame and others that we can just leave it as is, and let the sig makers decide for themselves. Checking on their post history and such before you decide is simple enough right now.
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