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IMHO, a crossover works if there's enough of a reason to bridge the two--either their worlds are close enough that you can reasonably get away with it (EG Buffy and Supernatural, for example) or one of them has a reasonable way of getting into the other world (Doctor Who and ONORE DECADE!).

But crossing over two wholly different worlds and having to write some excuse for both of them combining together is very hard to do and not seem crazy. I've tried time and time again to make a Super Robot Wars fanfic, but I just keep giving up because it's too ridiculous to maintain a believable story between them,

Okay now that that's done, TAKE THIS BACK TO THE FANFIC THREAD!!!!
(kicks everyone off)

Back on-topic for the light novels: Does anyone know if the Yumizuru likes or hates the fan community and their work? I often hear conflicting views as to how Japanese creators feel abotu fan work. Some of them love the fanwork (especially those who have come from a doujinshi background), others really crack it and hate fanwork/fanart. What's Yumizuru's stance?
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