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Originally Posted by KyriaL View Post
Let's hope it doesn't really end with Ayumi, he has not even conquered the 'Imouto' Elsie yet!
This I 1000000000000% agree...

Whatever Keima does from this point is a mystery the recent chapter throw everything into whack, I honestly have no idea what's going to happen. To say that Keima has no genuine feelings for anyone is abit harsh, because humans should not try to understand the thoughts of gods and simply follow.

On the other hand while Keima has not shown any inclinations towards any particular girl. Some of Ayumi's interactions with Keima after her capture have been my favourite out of all capture targets. E.g Ayumi cheering Keima after his battle against Chihiro, or the subtle ways in which she treats him better some of my favourite moments among other girls.

Tenri: "I love the Keima who plays Games" was one of them but my memory is fuzzy on the actual wording.

Or Kanon Love declaration was some of my favourite.
Nothing is Impossible

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