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Well, the Yakitate manga is popular, to say the least. Won the Shogakukan manga competition this year, it's running on more than a full head of steam. Looking at the local hype from Shounen Sunday, you'd be hard pressed to think they weren't betting on it taking Inuyasha's place or better in their ratings list (btw, Inuyasha's anime is ending very soon... I forget the actual date... maybe it's already happened...? o_O;; ), so it's pretty expected that it'd be fairly highly advertised.

If you know Japanese, there's a couple of little behind the scenes video clips on the site, too, with the voice actors and the producer talking to various production staff. They had the key cell artist and showed her drawing Azuma as a kid (directly from the manga, no less), then went to the animator, and eventually showed the digital color guy, and their 'bread creation engine' that allowed them to change it from perfectly baked to burned in a single click ( ). The entire thing sucked, as it was just two very slightly attractive voice actresses (I wouldn't hit that) saying "Ooooooh, I've been voice acting for anime for 5 years but I didn't know people actually DREW it" and "Wow, that digitally mastered bread sure looks tasty". And the producer should never be allowed to speak publicly. The unmiced artists were more interesting, and you couldn't hear them.
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