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Shaloom also seems to overplay Ohnogi's importance to the Macross franchise. He only wrote 6 episodes of the original series and all 5 episodes of Macross Zero, while Sukehiro Tomita wrote 11 episodes of the original series, the screenplay for DYRL and supervised/head-wrote Macross 7. If Kawamori really wanted to "right the ship" and bring the classic Macross flavor back, Tomita would be a much more logical choice.
I think Ohnogi's a little more important than that...the "post-war" final story arc of SDFM was mostly his I guess we've got him to blame for Hikaru STILL being clueless two years after initially rejecting Minmay...

Originally Posted by Uribatake View Post
I've been lurking this thread for a while, and now I don't know what I'm looking forward to the most: Yot-chan's translation of Shoji Kawamori's Famitsu interview or Shaloom's bogus "liner notes" for episode 25, which should be hilarious.
I think word is getting around to Macross Generation forums...if the rumbling gets louder, Shaloom may no loner be in a position to write the liner notes. At least not without a bunch of loud guffaws from his audience.

Again, I don't really want to cast aspersions on anyone, and if I could come up with some rationale for why Shaloom is "mistaken" instead of "lying," I'd be much happier. Unfortunately, I can't think of a thing.

And I did kind of a quick look at the interview and wrote up a little bit about each question (at MacrossWorld). Unfortunately, there's a fair amount of stuff I don't understand, so it'll take a while.

It looks like Shaloom took three sentences from the actual interview, but he twisted them a bit when translating them into Spanish, in order to make them say what he wanted them to say. The rest of the "interview" (the episode commentary, the Ohnogi stuff) is entirely bogus.
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