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yea your rite.but thaxs for tellin me.. but i got another ? question to ask of you guy's in the ending of code geass R2 the last eps 24. when c. c was talking she said the power of the kings, know as geass, bring some one solitude . right lelouch?

im still kinda confuses on that one. while carrying c2 on the carriage there was some one there . but i though that was suzaku but yet there showing its lu lu

and im geting report on graphic novel showing and telling. That suzaku reall did die in the fight, and im like wounder how bec. he stab lulu so they go on about how c2 pray to the gods and gave to lelouch her immortal power but not enough to kill her.

then in the Japanese manga she does die in the end but by another way. which i seem to have forgotten. .

so can any one help clarify me on this. im like >.<
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