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Apologies manga readers, but this ain't working here.

Remember what monir just said a couple days ago?

Originally Posted by monir View Post
Goal here is to provide a safe-haven for the first time viewers, a place for spoiler-free discussion. That can happen only when we all do our part. Rest assured, we won't intervene with the course of this anime-adaptation discussion as long as a manga reader doesn't take unfair advantage of it.
I normally don't mind comparisons between the original source and the anime if the events are in the past, but that reasoning goes as far as a light mentioning of such differences is mentioned. What you're doing here is more of a discerning of the whole, which is something I'm inclined to reject. Going so deep into analysis put in serious danger other members' perception of facts and characters. I have read a few lines of your reports, and I can't say I wasn't starting to feel influenced by reading them, therefore I immediately stopped.

I'm not saying what you're doing is wrong, but certainly it is in the wrong place. For several reasons:

1) As Proto said, no one here could really debate with you aside other manga readers, hence why coming here (an anime-only thread) in the first place?
2) As I mentioned early, you might alter other people perception of the story or of the characters. Which is something I absolutely believe only the anime should do, and nothing else.
3) The risk, while doing the comparison, of unwillingly spilling even a minor future event, or something implying it, is really really high.
4) This kind of work would be perfect *once the anime has finished* , not while the anime is barely *in the middle*.

Therefore from now on, I need to ask: please leave any kind of manga discussion out of this anime-only thread.
If you wish to post, refer to what you've seen in the actual episode, and forget about everything else. If you wish to comment while comparing with the manga, then post in the manga thread. At least there you'll be sure of not spoiling anyone.

Important: All the recent manga discussion has disappeared from the thread, but it hasn't been deleted. Since I can see there's some hard work (from The Rumblefish and joeboygo in particular) behind, if you wish to have the content of those posts back, just pm me and I'll send them to you.

Originally Posted by joeboygo View Post
There are certain things that you just won't get back if you see the anime before reading the manga, and part of what I'm trying to do here is restore a little bit of that foregone experience to those who haven't yet read the manga.
Like I said, it's not that I find it a bad idea and I do understand that your intentions are good. But said idea can't be illustrated at this point of time, when the anime only watchers are still in the process of forming opinions and speculations about characters' behaviours and story's development.

Originally Posted by joeboygo View Post
Originally Posted by Westlo View Post
it's not like we're getting Senda filler...
I really wish you hadn't said that. I really really wish you hadn't said that.
Also, could we be less cryptic?

a) If it's a spoiler or a potential spoiler, report it.
b) If it's not, either leave it alone either make it clear what you're trying to say.
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