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Originally Posted by Wilfriback View Post
Now, just mind how insane powerful is "that" girl.
*cough* Dragon's Breath *cough*

Originally Posted by shmaster View Post
BTW, chaos2frozen, what Oriana used really isn't rune magic.
I haven't reach that part yet but at least it'll make sense when I get to it. I'm currently bogged down by chapter two because of their magic explainations, the trios themselves have been slowed down by Oriana as well.

Interestingly, Tsuchimikado talked more than Stiyl this time. And a slight correction to our impression of "Auto-Rebirth". Tsuchimikado is NOT Wolverine, he cannot endlessly regenerate himself, sometimes the effect doesn't even kick in. He estimate that he has only 5-6 more lifelines.

Also, I guess if I had read sooner, I would come across this part where they talked about the equation that goes into magic. You need a magic source and a technique that works with it. I believe they used a engine-and-fuel analogy but I've been wrapping my head around it the whole day...
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