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I just finished the part when touma fights an amakusa girl who wields a sword. Even after talking it he still covers its head. Too caring guy. Maybe because the enemies are around his age and unlike sheryl which is kinda too old for him that's why he punch that girl like their is not tomorrow.

But the thing is. I can't understand much what gives time for touma to lunge his attacks to his body. What happen to the sword. Did it got stuck?

And when touma rescue ursula. Geez that guys bad luck miraculously helps him give sweet time. That guy landed on a sweet valley of heaven. I want to kill him. And after this scene. I'm not sure but I read a indirect and what's that indirect is. Is it an indirect kiss? what the heck is touma even doing to turn his bad luck into safe heaven.

Someone give him a REALLY REALLY GOOD LUCK CHARM that really gives him SOME GOOD LUCK.
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