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Well okay...Cecila's quick change in behavior to Ichika was a bit disappointing to see, would've liked to see her losing her pride more slowly (or still have some left at least!)

Man Ichika...totally ignored the trespassing sign what a guy! What's with his sudden drop in his IS suit performance too? Don't tell me he's only "good" at it when he's really up for it. (or if its fights only?)

Houki sure has some...temper problems, trying to strike Rin.

I didn't think I would like Rin that much, but she's definitely the best girl introduced so far. Houki & Cecila could learn a few things from her! (doubt it'll happen though)
Do hope though that if she lost in the next episode she doesn't change too much like Cecila did...but she's a childhood friend so it probably shouldn't effect her too much if she loses...

Anyway 6/10 for this ep
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