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He did mention to Rinin that their old middle school friends would love to have known that she has returned. I would assume that since he has moved into the academy for High School, most of his Middle School friends have gone to their respective High Schools and have since distanced themselves from each other.

Love is blind, and people tend to fall in love for the smallest of reasons. What might be insignificant for you could be overwhelming for someone else.

That said, here are some of Ichika's strong points that will lead to girls swooning over him. Any one of these reasons is good enough for girls to fall in love with him.

1) He is handsome
2) He is famous (only male to pilot an IS suit)
3) He appears strong and has a backbone (charisma is always nice)
4) He is aggressive and straightforward on what he wants without being too aggressive (women tend to love men who take charge)
5) He is thoughtful of other people's need and desires to help them improve (women love it when her guy helps her achieve her dreams or makes her better)(Ex: Classroom to Cafeteria with Houki in episode 2)
6) He is social, friendly, and easy to talk to (women love to be around someone they feel comfortable with)

Well, these are only some of the reasons I can think of for now. I am sure there are more.

The energy barrier of the suit protected him from the fall, so his survival is not unexpected at all. What bothered me about his piloting this episode was that in the previous episode, he was an Ace pilot in maneuverability, but in this episode, he had trouble with basic maneuvering. I guess I can only explain it with mental state, as your mind is required to pilot the suit. In the previous episode, his mind was heightened, sharpened, and focus. In this episode, he was more relaxed and unsure.

I really like Rinin in this episode. She turned out better than I expected.

As for Cecilia, her sudden turnaround is not unexpected. The fairer gender can change their attitude and mind on a dime at any given second. I am sure she has her reasons, although it would have been nice if the anime elaborated on it more. It does bring about a more pleasant Cecilia.
the reason for the minor pain he received is due to the concussion inside the power armor... if that swimsuit-like carapace had anything to do with it, i demand explanation.
lets roll
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