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Originally Posted by desrtsku View Post
Learned a good lesson today, "throwing more money and people won't always do good if you don't have the necessary time". And I'll use this post as a reference everytime I need to back up the argument, guehehe.
Also looking forward to that OP sakuga.
The producer didn't say 'animator' staffs though (or at least the guy reporting it didn't say it like that) so you should be (warily) critical and think that this includes every sections staffs, or probably those 200 people even includes the CVs. Okay, last part is freaking hyperbolically negative thinking from me, I admit.

Anyway, one fact is sure: WIT studio staffs currently working for the anime is about 100 people. No idea on animation-related (key animator, etc) staffs, but it is not wrong to believe that they DO lack manpower for the animation sections from the very start if the 11th hour recruitment back in early June rings true. The anime production had been regularly called out on its horrible schedule management anyway, finally culminating in ep 13 animation flaws

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