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Originally Posted by Blonto View Post
So glad I'm not the only one who hates this beyond belief.

But seriously, the reason why this show is not "the greatest anime of all time" is the fact that it's so far fairly unoriginal. Sure the idea of the world is pretty new, but the execution is typically shounen. The titans are basically XXL zombies. They have no thoughts, no emotions, no alliances, no history. The only point to their existence is to eat humans and be a threat. The main characters are pretty much shounen tropes. There's the sensitive one, the cold one and of course the main character completely obsessed with revenge and getting stronger. They're all something we've seen a ton of times already in similar shows and the simplicity of the whole conflict isn't exactly ideal for character development.

Don't get me wrong, the show is good and fun to watch, probably the only anime worth watching this season. But it's no masterpiece.

LOL i find it funny that your saying this when the anime's not even finished yet.i wont spoil anything so just wait for the rest of the arcs i can assure you thats when the anime starts to go high coming from a manga reader
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