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Man are we seriously back to talking about Fate/Zero in this thread? What does that have to do with anything?

Anyway got to check the show out and I'm initially a little blown back by it's complete lack of subtlety from top to bottom, but that doesn't mean I'm not interested in seeing where this is going. Just want to talk briefly first about some I.G signatures I noticed in this premiere. The obvious one was the mini-tachikoma and the others would be tanks and birds flying on monitors and TV screens.

As for that lack of subtlety thing, it really does permeate the show for me. The conflict between the "terrorists" and the military is presented as pretty black and white early on, much like the Earth Federation and the UE in Gundam AGE. The military seems incredibly destructive and willing to go to the extreme almost immediately to get what it wants and it makes me wonder just how bad the epidemic must have been to have the people willing to put them in charge. I guess it reminds me of Patlabor 2 a bit, but the military was actually trying to protect the city there, not just capture dissidents. Inori's group, at least she, seems to be the must peace loving and pacifistic saintly person on the planet that just takes beatings from the military. It's just a little overkill a portrayal in my opinion so I hope it gives way to a little more of a complicated scenario at some point. Surely Inori can't be perfect like Lacus Clyne can she? Funny coincidence that the same writer who did her character arcs should be writing this very same show.

Speaking of the characters, it seems like our director asked this Red Juice fellow to design all the characters with maximum sex appeal in mind and doesn't mind at all constantly showing them off. I think I lost it a bit when Inori told Shu to use's just one of those "really" moments. Classic Hiroyuki Yoshino. The show also has zero qualms about positioning her in every shot to show of the maximum amount of her curves and revealing outfit, but I'm not complaining cause like every other female character in this show she's got a really sexy design. All of them do from the pilot to the weird cat eared girl manning the computer at the end there and being all gruff and bossy. Gai's also in the vein of Gundam Seed male characters and in a sort of class of super bishonen that only the likes of Reinhard Von Lohengramm could top.

It's honestly all quite amusing and of course there's lots of concepts that could go almost anywhere and potentially be really interesting. I'd just hope Hiroyuki Yoshino won't feel the need to constantly top himself and just make this a little too over the top and black and white like Code Geass and Gundam Seed could get at times. It looks like his usual staple of morality as a theme will play a big part again here(with a title like Guilty Crown I'd almost expect it), I just hope it's a little more complex than usual and has those twists and turns of the kind they had in Code Geass. That sort of thing seems to be his partner Ichiro Okouichi's forte so hopefully his presence here will again allow for that so I have pretty high confidence in this turning out to be a really fun and engaging show.

edit: Oh right forgot to mention the main character. Boy did he just come across as the biggest clueless loser in this opener before he got his power up. I sort of hope he shapes up a bit, cause it's kind of starting to look like he might be a little bit of a pain in the ass for a while like Kira Yamato got to be in the original Gundam Seed. Hopefully the dude realizing he's not a weakling anymore thanks to Inori's gift will trigger that soon and he'll keep using it cause I'm not the worlds biggest fan of mopey useless male leads.
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