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Originally Posted by Kleeyook View Post
I think the intro of this LN is the part that makes it quite unpopular here. You know, when IS + ZnT. It might mean this series combine the best of both series, or the most annoying things from both series.
Well, somehow that the author can start with such cliched setting yet produced something very enjoyable is quite the charm. There are places where the similarity to ZnT is undeniable, but I believe ZnT focus more on the fantasy world and its political and magical intrigues, this series focus more on the mystery of the main character. In terms of plotline they are quite different.


Thanks for pointing my mistake, my knowledge of the lightnovel projects is limited.
Still, it is a treatment reserved for the most popular series.

As for the title, since one is not going to translate the whole thing anyway, leaving it half Japanese and half English seems a bit strange to me.
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