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Originally Posted by Destined_Fate View Post
Well they aren't wrong in getting angry at Mikono over the mistreatment that has been dished out to Zessica since they're both rivals for Amata. So when Mikono benefits Zessica suffers. Though the benefits aren't all that grand compared to the massive suffering Zessica has had thrown at her.
I guess for me, if the audience wants to get mad at a character (and not the writers), it should be Amata. He has no romantic interest at all in Zessica but knows she loves him. He needs to man up, sit Zessica down, and tell her he doesn't share her feelings and that he loves Mikono. Will it do any good? Who knows, but it's the least he could do. It's better than what Amata did allow: Zessica almost killing herself for him because she loves him, when he doesn't love her back.

Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
Trajan: That's a pretty good summary of Mikono's character. She was Ok before the last few episodes, and the last few episodes truly have regressed her character a bit. I do see how passive/weak
to active/self-confident was the character arc they were taking with Mikono, and for a time, it was working.
Thanks. I wrote that in response to the discussion above that somehow Mikono was "cunning" or "two-faced." Rather than being some heartless shrew, I find her to be overly concerned with other people's feelings and confused about her own, which leads her to hesitate from acting (and which the audience interprets as her being two-faced).

I'll also add that I find it ironic that fans dislike Mikono because they think she is cunning and two-faced, when the fans generally like (and Mikono dislikes!) Fudo precisely because he is cunning and two-faced, constantly manipulating people's feelings and hiding the true purpose of his orders/decisions.
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