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Originally Posted by Destined_Fate View Post
No one needs to convince you of anything. Fact is that many hate Mikono and that Mikono's inaction, even if it's just there to give Kagura a reason to exist and for Zessica to get screwed over so Mykage takes her body, is just not a very likeable trait at all compared to Zessica. Since this is a mostly male oriented audience it makes sense that they hate Mikono because she looks like a cheat/tease and guys dream of a girl like Zessica who doesn't beat around the bush for what seems like forever. Was surprising that many female viewers hate Mikono as well and the whole Amata x Mikono dynamic and would rather she get with Bad Boy Kagura who is like a male Zessica when his feelings are concerned.


And yeah, pretty much that. If Amata wasn't around than Mikono would get with Kagura who is clearly the far more popular pairing to Mikono than Amata is. Which you know is a huge writing issue when the "Losers" are leagues ahead in popularity over the 'Destined Winners" and that the fans want the Losers to Win and hate the idea of the Winners winning and getting together even though that's what the End Game plan has been set up to be outside last minute changes. Which seems unlikely since Kagura will most likely die soon or get merged into Amata and considering Zessica's state and how they love kicking her every week...
I agree with your explanation for why fans of Zessica dislike Mikono. I just think that their dislike of Mikono is unwarranted. Amata's feelings for Zessica are independent of his feelings for Mikono. It's not like Amata told Zessica "If it weren't for Mikono, I'd fall in love with you." Amata simply isn't interested in Zessica (which is crazy, b/c she's awesome, but that's how he's written). There's really no evidence (in the story) that Amata would choose Zessica if he can't have Mikono, aside from the fact that Zessica wants it to happen and has "earned it."

But that's how fans can be. It isn't helped that the writers apparently felt they had to have Zessica fall in love with Amata in order to keep the audience guessing as whether Zessica was the reincarnation of someone (and so Mykage could use her). I think the story would have worked much better if Zessica and Amata had remained friends, but in today's anime climate, that might not be possible.
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