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Originally Posted by queenSwild View Post
Yes, at first she didn't break the status quo because of personal reasons. She admits that her non-action has hurt people, and says that she gonna do something about it. Why hasn't she done something about it yet? Because the plot said so. =.=
The plot has said so for 24 episodes, you cannot fault people for getting fed up. Nothing stopped her from speaking her mind in Ep. 18 when she left but she didn't, she just left some vague *wait for me* sign and then, moments later, went onto to emote about how much she regrets making people suffer and how important it is that she say what she's made up her mind to say. Just follow the flow here with me for a second,
- Has something important to say but doesn't say it.
- Admits that her inaction and fear of being hurt has caused people to suffer.
- She already knows what it is that she has to say but puts it off.
That immediately rules out the possibility that she was going off to search for answers (about her feelings), she already knew what she wanted to say. So...? Why not say it? Its not like she didn't have an opportunity moments earlier. Its not like Amata wouldn't have benefited greatly from her saying something reassuring to him like "I love you". Does she just revel in the thought of making people continue to suffer because she didn't want to say what it was that she already knew she was going to say but didn't? (I wrote that last sentence in jest initially, but now...)

Originally Posted by genjo sanzo View Post
Mikage told her the reason, they are the unchosen. That's why he used her body, due to her feelings and their common destiny...until now!
That heart break with the "I'm an intruder" really threw open the gates for our fabulous angel to set-up shop.

Originally Posted by Trojan
I agree with your explanation for why fans of Zessica dislike Mikono. I just think that their dislike of Mikono is unwarranted. Amata's feelings for Zessica are independent of his feelings for Mikono. It's not like Amata told Zessica "If it weren't for Mikono, I'd fall in love with you."
He specifically gave Mikono and the word *now* as the reason when giving his rejection, so... he didn't reject her love because he cannot return it but because he's invested in Mikono. Word choice is key, or so I tell myself.
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