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Originally Posted by Demongod86 View Post
You're going to hate me for saying this, but I'm not shedding any tears. When you're so filthy stinking rich in a profession in which you "get to retire and play with your six year old child" while everyone else is barely getting a good-paying position (if that), and on top of that, you decide to spend a ton of cash on learning to fly (of all things), when most people would never even DREAM of having such an expensive hobby, and on top of that, you go flying around in a city filled with HIGH-RISES, well...frankly, I really can't feel sorry for that. If an actor/actress or athlete dies from an accident at something so expensive that no normal person can afford it, that's not so much tragic as it is KARMIC.

If you're posting here, chances are you are incredibly wealthy compared to a person with median income or purchasing power parity for the whole of humanity. Don't say that wealth devalues a life without first considering how wealthy you really are.

I'm annoyed by how much attention celebrities get, but that's the fault of consumers, not the celebrities themselves. Dying in an accident isn't karmic, it's a bad turn for them the same way it is for anyone else, yourself included.
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