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Originally Posted by aahhsin View Post
Oh yea, just blame the guy for being able to have financial success. Just because you're so angry that you WILL NEVER BE a yankees pitcher probably never even being able to be a professional athlete in any sport. Don't think he's some cunt. You're the bigger cunt. Just because he worked harder than you, you're all angry at him dying.

How about you get off your fatass seat and try and gain better finanical success than what you're doing currently. Do you think everyone can throw a fastball at 100 mph? He worked extremely hard at it.

I'm not saying there aren't other reasons for people being poor, but to just criticize the rich is just rediculous.

Sorry but I really hate people that only blame the rich for their own shitty lives.
LMAO. Working hard? You mean working to 35 and then retiring set for life and then some? As compared to working till 65?

Working for 10 or working for 40 years? What's harder?
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