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Originally Posted by Kusaja View Post
I don't really see the big deal there, because they can both be classified as Queens, just in a different sense.

The chess piece was designed after C.C., and that is logical considering her status as an accomplice to both Lelouch and Zero, but Kallen is still Q1 in battle and the chess theme most directly applies in that context, so there is more than one symbolic meaning.

But well, that's just how I see it.
I just don't think the pieces even slightly look like any of the characters.
Originally Posted by xris View Post
Please remember the purpose of this thread. We have no objection if you wish to discuss the relevance of chess pieces to CG but this thread isn't the place to do it. It is for specific CG merchandise, not about wish-lists or "what if" scenarios.

Due to this recent posts have been removed, Infractions will now be issued for those who dragged the thread off-topic.
I understand. I'm not trying to argue the relevance of the game to the characters. I'm talking about how the pieces appear. The chess pieces could become merchandise of the series.
I wasn't aware we could only talk about merchandise that actually existed.
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