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Originally Posted by LordJedi View Post
Does the dvd #2 of R2 come with a picture drama?
Yes. This one is about Suzaku, Cecile, Gino and Anya. Cecile is anxious about Suzaku, as he faces pangs of remorse if the way he took is right. In the battlefield, they dig out a little girl, and Suzaku wants to use Lancelot to find her father. But then, the girl starts screaming and accuses the Knights of Rounds of murdering her family. This gets on Anya's nerves, so she shoots the girl, and Gino and Anya are like "so what?!", while Suzaku is like "what, you can't do this!".
Not really much new information, but Cecile is worrying about Suzaku like a mother, at least that's my impression.
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